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Meteorology channel
The naval meteorology channel is active at the seaport management for the visualization of the sea data.
The service let you have the visualization through an appropriate television screen, about all the  meteorology sea information which are constantly kept up to date in real time.

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Santa Teresa of Gallura seaport is located in a funnel shaped narrow inlet, and it is constituted by two dockings and some quays. There are several floating jetties and the seaport can provide the best services also to the most exacting yachtsman.

Latitude 41° 14' N
Longitude 009° - 11° E
Sea ground sandy
Depths quay from 2 to 5 mt
Radio vhf CH 12
Points boat about 700
Max. Lenght
35 mt
Access time continuous
Winds west and north-west winds
Crosswind north wind
Seaport shelter
from east to north-west


 Lighthouses and lanterns:
1016.5 (E 0936.1) - red light left side sea mark, period 4 sec., range 3 M in front of the seaport entrance;
1017 (E 0936.2) - green light side mark, period 4 sec., range 3M in front of the seaport entrance;
1018 (E 0936) - ed light, with white section, period 3 sec., range 10M in the white section e 8 M in the red section, towards Punta Corvo on the left entrance (red section visible from 030° to 164°, white from 164° to 184° a 210°);
1019 (E 0936.3) – red lantern, period 4 sec., range 4 M on the right entrance;
1019.3 (E 0936.4) – red lantern, period 4 sec., range 4M on the left entrance;
1020 (E 0937) – (front) red blinking lantern, period 4 sec., range 3 M, on the pier, it defines with our n. 1020.the entry alignment of 196°30’ (visible from 181°30’ to 211°30’);
1020.1 (E 0937.1) – (rear) red lantern, period 4 sec., range 7 M, a 1280 m from the previous (visible from 151°30’ to 241°30’);
1020.2 (E0937) – green fixed light entry lantern, range 3M, in support of the n.1020.

 Observations: It is expedient to contact the seaport management on VHF channe 12 before the seaport entrance.

 Dangers: Low sea bed on the left entry, near the wood bridge, where a little outcropping headland runs out, but it is normally pointed out with a beacon.


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